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Happy birthday to Anthony Ainley, Sylvester McCoy, and Sophie Aldred! (August 20, 1932, August 20,1943, and August 20, 1962)


Steve Rogers: the bisexual America deserves

#*matthew mcconaughey voice* alright alright alright



The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has dealt a devastating blow to the notion that men and women are fundamentally different when it comes to how they think and act.

“Although gender differences on average are not under dispute, the idea of consistently and inflexibly gender-typed individuals is,” Bobbi J. Carothers of Washington University in St. Louis and Harry T. Reis of the University of Rochester explained in their study. “That is, there are not two distinct genders, but instead there are linear gradations of variables associated with sex, such as masculinity or intimacy, all of which are continuous.”

Analyzing 122 different characteristics from 13,301 individuals in 13 studies, the researchers concluded that differences between men and women were best seen as dimensional rather than categorical. In other words, the differences between men and women should be viewed as a matter of degree rather than a sign of consistent differences between two distinct groups.

You mean human beings, like everything else, living and mineral, in nature exist on a series of both parallel and intersecting spectrums, and there is no such thing as a definitive binary or black/white divide?

MRAs, RadFems, and EvoPsych people everyone will be horrified to find this out.


I have nothing in the text to back this up, but in the Fellowship band, Boromir would be on base, Aragorn would be lead guitar, and Legolas would sing. I just know this. 

When it comes to Constantine, I think it's important to note that FCC regulations in the USA prevent NBC from showing John Constantine smoking. They can show him holding a cigarette, lit or unlit, but they cannot show him inhaling. I don't even think they can show him exhaling. The creators have no choice, they just can't do it. However there is no FCC rule against bisexuality and the choice to remove that facet from John Constantine's character is just that -- a choice.




In the midst of that entire conversation I’d actually forgotten about this.

And yeah, now that you mention it, I think I remember Goyer & Co. stating that they weren’t completely removing the fact that Constantine smoked from the show; they were just going to be unable to show him taking a puff or holding a cigarette on screen. I remember them making a statement to the effect of, “we’re going to figure out ways to deal with it,” or something.

Mind, I’m of the opinion that particular FCC regulation is ridiculous when it comes to shows that aren’t made for children. But, as you say, that’s not a creative decision; that’s adhering to regulation.

So to summarise:

- removing a signifier of class struggle ≠ removing explicit depiction of bisexuality

- not showing Constantine smoking in order to adhere to FCC regulations ≠ creative choice to straight wash Constantine

Also sorta unrelated, but bisexuals are also more likely to smoke then gay or lesbian people.  The more you know.  

- Sarah 



Project: HBO’s Looking (TV series)

Role 1: Meredith (Female / Principal / All Ethnicities / 25 - 38*)
Role Details: Would like to cast a queer, comedienne

Role 2: Activist (Male / Supporting / All Ethnicities / 27 - 34*)
Role Details: Looking to…


It’s called Moffat Who for a reason, misogynist asshole who sexually harrasess ex girfirends, companions, and friends, who is a classist, white racist, who couldn’t bother releasing his wife from jail but had a dalek who he condemned to be killed save her instead by erasing him from the system. The man who instead of giving logical explanation  treats us like imbeciles expects us to just accept ”wibbly wobbly," the man who enslaved humanity into condemning a whole race to death just for the action of a few, but could not do the same to his own psychotic war infested race, that is Moffat Who.




I was okay with the whole episode and I thought it was actually pretty good but then The Doctor drops Amelia Pond off in her roof literally 12 fucking hours before her

OP, I just wanna hand you some chocolate and a blanket and a boxed set of The Curse of Fenric because it just goes downhill from there.



This really is every representation debate in sci-fi and fantasy ever.

"We can’t have people of color in this story - its in the middle ages."

Imagining dragons and elves and hobbits is fine, but imagining a world not inhabited entirely by white people? That would be unrealistic.

This was such a good episode.

DS9 was so fucking good.

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